Tiny Handsewn Doll Transformed

I follow a blogger named Ann Wood. She does mostly random stitching but also has some cute patterns for birds, dolls, mice, etc. I sometimes just need to do something totally engrossing and really for no reason at all…

Anyway, I made this doll using her pattern…but it just didn’t appeal to me as it was. I decided that since Halloween is my favorite holiday, I would transform her to suit my tastes.

She is three inches tall, so everything had to be sewn by hand. A great diversion that took hours.

Following the pattern:



I like the transformation. This suites her… and you. :wink:

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Love your personal twist! She was so clearly meant to be a witch!

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Love this! I love her transformation.

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She’s adorable! Love her transformation.

I think that transformation is what she needed. She definitely looks more at home in her witchy garb!

Thanks, everyone…I really had no idea what to do with her as she was…but I can use her as a decoration for Halloween…I did stripe her legs with permanent marker…I might put her on a piece of wood and add a few pumpkins…not sure yet…hey, to heck with Christmas in July…I am doing Halloween in July! ha


She looks like a brand new woman!

She’s 3 inches, wow, that’s tiny work.