Too late for the Halloween party, but better late than never!

Sorry this is late, would have been great for Halloween! But thought you might like it anyway. I just love anything spooky, scary! Which means my favorite TV show would turn out to be, “The Walking Dead.” It would also follow that I just had to make a painting containing all (or most) of the main characters in the show. These, from an earlier season of the show. It is an acrylic painting on 18 x 24 aquabord and done with just 2 colors in gray scale.
Oh,wow…just discovered that clicking on the photo enlarges it.


It is amazing!

Wow! So realistic and detailed! Must have taken a LOT of time and effort.

Wow that is amazing! Fantastic job!

oh wow!! I love it! :heart_eyes:

I am also a Walking Dead fan (for story, not gore, though) and just WOW! This is extraordinary! So many things from seasons long past. I could spend hours looking at the detail. I am amazed at how you got a piece with so much detail that looks like pencil by using acrylic paint. How long did this take you?

I miss the early years. So many happy, good vibes here!

TY! Carol was my favorite and of course Rick.

The early years were the best!!

Of course!

It felt like they were more of a family and figuring it out together. Now the writers are just trying to top themselves and shock the audience.

I also miss Glenn.

I am trying to think…6 weeks stays in my head, but that may have been the other gray scale, I did. I only did the two. And I usually only paint at the center, so this painting was probably only worked on one day a week. Could’ve even been two months! If I am working in oils, then I will also work at home because (to me) today’s oils seem to dry too quickly. Then, too, sometimes I will do an under painting in acrylics and work over it in oils. But my gray scale paintings are just worked in acrylics. When at home I mostly prefer to work on other things.
Thanks, Laura, for leaving your kind comment!


That’s show biz for you! I just worried who was next to go!

Glad you like it; it was my very favorite painting. Conned myself into selling it, and I am soooooh sorry I did, because I MISS IT SO MUCH!! I let it go for just 100 dollars - yes I know, that is cheap! But he wanted it pretty badly. At first, I told him I wasn’t selling it, but the dejected look in his eyes got to me, and he didn’t look like he could afford to pay much, certainly not what it was really worth, so I let him have it for a hundred…sigh! See! I make a terrible business person!!!

These series tend to do that to you; if you lose a character, it REALLY hurts! I am watching WENTWORTH on Netflix now (awesome show) and I cried like a baby when one of the characters who had been in the series died last night, and she was in it for 8 seasons!!! I am so missing her!
Btw., the actress who plays the villain in this series…OMG…she is the best actress in the whole world EVER to play a villain. I am mesmerized by her (talking about Joan Rabe).

TY, I am sure it did but hardly remembered because it was so much fun to do!

I haven’t been watching, but I love it when they make women bad. And not crazy/erratic-bad, but smart-bad.

This is beyond stunning! I have no 2D art skill whatsoever, so I am always in awe of thing like this. I enjoyed parts of this show, but started finding the human drama/betrayal way too stressful. Missed the zombie drama! :joy:

This is incredible. I am always so intimidated to put more than two people in a drawing because if one of them doesn’t come out it ruins it. All of them look great. Love the composition too!