Tooth Fairy Pillows

I made these little tooth fairy pillows when my children were small.

The cross stitch was cut from a sampler that I had started and abandoned.
tooth 1

The ribbon one I made by weaving the ribbons into “fabric”, and then using iron-on interfacing on the back to hold it together.
tooth 2

The little fairies have velcro so they can be removed to play with (gently).tooth 3

Our tooth fairy gave a gold Sacagawea dollar. (News flash–the SAME Sacagawea dollar every time, because I would offer to “keep it safe” and trade it for a paper dollar to spend at the dollar store.)


This is such a cute idea. I am bookmarking for when my granddaughter starts being toothy gappy.

How lovely!
Beautiful keepsakes.
And how funny that you kept giving the same dollar…

These are darling and I’m sure treasured keepsakes. And I love the lather, rinse, repeat aspect of that dollar coin! Bless their hearts, but kids’re the sweetest little chumps.

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These are so sweet!

I remember my tooth pillow and with pillows are darling as these, I know your children will too!

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These are so lovely! I imagine they have been treasured by your kiddos, and they will likely be treasured by future kiddos down the line, as they seem well made and of heirloom quality. All the textures work together beautifully. :cherry_blossom: :two_hearts:

This is such a charmer! I so love that you found a new life for an old WIP… it was perfect for this project.

These are awesome! I had a tooth pillow as a kid, too. My grandma made it! :heart: