Traditionally contemporary

This one will make the quilt police clutch their pearls and swoon. Sorry if it offends.:smile: 75% the same fabric line, 25% different… all the sashing is different sizes, so nothing quite lines up. It makes my very logical husband twitch…It’s for a co-worker who is classically into delicate pretty girly things, but also has a slight, hidden dark and rebel undercurrent… I think it’ll be perfect for her.


Black makes everything look good…

Love the colors and the oddness uniqueness that is your style…:crazy_face:


Yay for not having to corner/seam match. Love the strategy :+1:
Love the quilt too, the black really makes the pastels pop :smiley:

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Sweet, sweet, girly-girl Tetris! This is lovely :blush:


You nailed it with the color combination for girly with a dark edge! I love that you threw out expectations for everything being all squared up. So fun.

Psh. I don’t own pearls to clutch my friend. I love the contrast in this baby!

This is indeed a quilt with a hidden rebellious streak! :grin:


This is so pretty! I really like the colors against the black.

I love this! It’s got so much life to it, more than if it was all uniform and square.

Quick, somebody fetch my smelling salts, lol. I like the colors. It was very thoughtful of you to make such an out of the box pattern for your friend’s rebellious side to enjoy!