Tree clipping wreath

I was driving home from picking up dog food at the pet supply store and noticed someone in my neighborhood had put out Christmas tree cuttings on the curb for this week’s city compost pick up. It only took one more block for me to decide to turn around and pick them up. They looked so fresh and beautiful. It seemed a shame for them to not have additional decoration life before going to compost. I didn’t want to go to the craft supply store to purchase the hard wire wreath frame that is used to make them, so I “McGyver-ed” some heavy duty twisted wire into a wreath base and went from there. It’s a little wonky, but I thought not bad for one on the fly.

Back story: Many years ago I work several seasons at a Christmas tree lot making wreaths out of the clippings to supplement my full time income, so this is not a completely new thing to me.


Excellent save! What a great way to give these pieces of tree one more fling before composting!

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Thanks. The tree must be huge because the whole back seat of my SUV was filled with the trimmings. I still have some by the garage, so I think I will make something for my MIL’s door.

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So pretty! Great that you rescued the clippings.

Great job! I’ll volunteer my front door although it would never arrive before Christmas.

Great save! I bet it smells divine!

Ha, ha!

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SO wonderful. No need to hang a deodorizer from the car mirror either. :wink:

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:confetti_ball: Congratulations! :confetti_ball:
Your wonderful craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects!

Oh, my. My humble wreath and I thank you for the recognition. :blush:

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This is a legit wreath! I just watched a youtube video on someone making one of these, and it’s deceptively tricky. Yours turned out great!

Thanks so much. I doubt I would have figured out how to do it had I not had the previous experience from MANY years ago.