Tried a New Recipe for Fruit and Nut Bread

Fruit BreadG
Adapted another altered bread recipe today because it’s too hot to have the oven on, and too hot to go through all the hassle of making the normal sized fruit bread I make by hand. I used the bread machine and it turned out really good.
I’d like to add more dried apricot and probably a bit less All Spice, so will play with the ingredient numbers a bit more before making the next one.
It did rise a bit high, so had to ease it off the lid before it started cooking, but that didn’t hurt it any.
In this heatwave, am needing some quick and easy snack things that can be frozen for future use as well, and this will work nicely.
Fruit Bread 2G
Was busy on the phone when the last mix/punch down happened and didn’t get the paddle out in time, so the bottom is a bit broken.
I’ve experimented with my bread machine, this method works to get everything mixed evenly and still getting a good result without breaking the machine.
For Fruit Bread:
I added 50gm chopped dried apricots (21 carb); , the last 30gm (1.2 carb)of a packet of slivered almonds I had no other use for, and 1/2 cup shelled sunflower seeds (3 carb).
1 teaspoon each of cinnamon, nutmeg and all spice.
Add the above to the dry ingredients in the Machine Basic Bread Recipe and continue with recipe.

Machine Basic Bread – soft and fluffy inside, crust firm (P)
4 teaspoons = 1 tablespoon
Ingredients: Carbs:
375 ml Water (if using Psyllium)
3 tablespoons Oil
1.5 teaspoons Salt
1.5 tablespoons Sugar - 24gm
375gm Bread Flour - 267gm
1.5 tablespoons Milk Powder - 4.5gm
7gm sachet Yeast - 0.2gm
20gm Psyllium Husk - 0.1
37.5gm Chick Pea Flour - 18
3 tablespoons Gluten
Total Carbs: 313.7gm + 25 for Fruit Bread = 338.9gm carbs total. 16 slices = ~21.2carb per slice.


  1. Measure all ingredients. Place dry ingredients other than bread flour, into round bowl, whisk to ensure even distribution through dough. (The psyllium tends to clump if this is not done).
  2. Add bread flour a bit at a time, and mix evenly until all combined – the mix is still dry.
  3. Add the oil, stir through as evenly as possible.
  4. Add the water and stir through as evenly as possible without actually kneading the dough. Just to get an even distribution.
  5. Place dough into bread tin (with dough hook in place), put bread tin in machine. Turn machine onto your chosen program.
  6. After final ‘punch down’ remove dough hook, push dough into pan for even shape if needed.
  7. When done remove pan, leave bread in pan to cool to keep shape.

Sounds yummy!

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Fruit bread! Yummmmm !

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