Tuna Pasta Casserole - Main Meal

Tuna Pasta Casserole doneG
Made it to freeze for future meals. I got carried away with the addition of cheese, so there was a bit more than would safely fit into both trays, so that will be a snack later today. :laughing:
tuna pasta casseroleG

Tuna Pasta Casserole
Can use fresh, tinned, or frozen ingredients. I added frozen capsicum this time because I had it.
100gm Pasta
500-600ml Milk
50gm Flour
130gm Frozen Peas
100gm Frozen Onion
1 flat teaspoon Lee Kum Kee Chicken Stock
2 good handfuls 4 Cheese Melt grated cheese
1 large tin Tuna in Brine or springwater – use liquid in white sauce for added flavour
Mushrooms sliced
2 large sticks Celery diced
Butter for white sauce
Little Oil for frying veges in.
Pepper (no salt if using brine)
Boil Pasta – drain & set aside.
Fry veges in oil with Chicken Stock Pdr – set aside.
Make White Sauce with butter, flour, pepper, milk and brine.
Add Cheese, stir through.
Add Tuna, stir through.
Add Pasta, stir through.
Add Veges, stir through.

Place into chosen baking tray/s, bake in oven at 180C for 40 or so mins, until browned.
Can be covered and frozen.


Nice! Having meals ready in your freezer is so handy! I’m terrible at that.

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Sounds yummy! I love make-ahead meals and this one looks like a winner!

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I wish I had the planning and implementation skills to do a lot of make-ahead meals. Tipping my hat to you; that’s awesome!

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Thanks! When making meals, I usually make double serves so I have the next day/ night’s meal done too.
When I can, I either make extra to freeze for future unmotivated days, or cook 2 days in a row so I have extras. Sometimes, the only way I can manage the black hole and feel useful is to make meals ahead of time. It can take a bit of planning and there’s the trade off of having work done ahead of time for the extra efforts put in.

Entree - that cracks me up! I’m Australian and an entree is a small dish that comes after the appetizer and before the main meal. Wish there were more choices available in the drop down menu for these differences.

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