Turn off notification bubble?

Small thing, but is there any way to turn off the little notification bubble in the top right?

I’ve already found myself sidetracked (numerous times) from what I had intended to do because we’ve all been subconsciously trained to click on those as soon as they pop up! :laughing:

I want the notifications; I just don’t want my brain to respond like it’s an emergency!

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hey @Mountains_and_Clouds
It should be profile > preferences> interface > other > show counts on browser icon

but mine is unchecked, and I’m getting counts. but check there anyway?

That setting allows you to see notification counts on your actual browser tab, if you are on a different tab. Like this:


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Currently, I don’t believe I have an option to turn off the in-site notification bubble. I will investigate further.

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You can adjust it for each thread. At the bottom of the most recent comment there is a small drop-down spot that gives the following options:
Watching, tracking, normal, muted
I hope that helps

Thanks! I still want the notifications I just don’t want the little bubble to keep popping up when I’m in the middle of things, haha!

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