Tushie llamas

Aw, aren’t they cute? I bought this flannel to make jammie bottoms for my girl but I waited 6 minutes too long and she decided she didn’t like llama any more. Or jammies. Or handmade clothes, or me, or anything. Being a nearly 13 year old trapped in the house with her family is getting to her, lol.

Instead of jammies I made some tushie towels. That’s right, you read correctly. These adorable creatures are meant to dry a bum, lol :joy:
A while ago @Mountains_and_Clouds posted her fabric butt cloths which reminded me I wanted to make flannels to dry tush once we install the hand held bidet attachment we got when T.P. starting disappearing from the store shelves. There are a dozen, I’ll make more once I’ve ordered another pattern of flannel so each person can have their own set.

Bonus: I finally cracked this big box of specialty sewing feet and used one, the edge stitching guide.


Oooh, those are super cute! And wow, look at all those feet!! I’d have no idea what to do with them! I think you need to try them all out on a project and report back what they’re used for!

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Really cute pattern! I hate tp, I’ve been meaning to do the same!

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So many feet…so little time…

Cute fabric…does each person have their own “container” as well?

A lot of people are reconsidering options as paper products slowly disappear…

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I think the adults are the only people likely to use them so we’ll keep a divided basket in the room, wet will just go into the weekly wash with our sheets and towels. I launder that stuff in hot, everything else is washed in cold.

Such cute little bum wipers!

All those feet make my heart go pitty pat… :heart_eyes:

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Oh my gosh! All those feet! Where do you buy something like that? I’d love to know what some of them do :slight_smile:

AliExpress. They cost maybe $20 CAD for the box.

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Super cute and totally jealous of all the feet!

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I thought all those feet would be fun but honestly, they are boring. You can do most things with the attachments that come with your sewing machine. All the extra bells and whistles are just flash.

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Brilliant use of that actually seriously fabulous fabric.

I’ve loads of those feet too and don’t use any, except for some reason my new sewing machine didn’t come with a zipper foot. I keep meaning to do some experiments some day with them. But today is not that day!