Ultraman keychain

One of my coworkers is a beginner crocheter who wants to learn how to make amigurumi so he can make himself an Ultraman doll. I found a free and simple-looking Ultraman pattern on youtube, so decided to test it out to see if it was easy enough to teach him. There were a couple of errors that I need to fix, and I’m not a huge fan of the way the legs are connected, and I modified the eyes a bit (although placed them a little wonkily). I’ll probably change a bit more if I end up rewriting the pattern. For now, though, I have a cute Ultraman keychain!

And here’s the pattern I used:


Very cute!

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I am always confused when crocheters talk about connecting things because it all looks like one piece when its done, but I guess fabric does too. Ha! It turned out adorable and it’s wonderful that you are helping someone learn a new skill! I think Ultraman is the perfect size for a keychain too!


Very cute! Nice of you to teach your co-worker this skill!

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Pretty cute! Way to go sharing and spreading crafty skills!

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