US Small Flat Rate - Use What You Have Swap - NEW SEND OUT 6/14

Are you looking for a low cost swap? Do you have an overflowing plethora of craft supplies just waiting to be used? Are you looking for a fun challenge to figure out what you can make from what you already have? Are you up for the challenge of crafting small/packable for a small flat rate box? Then this one is for you!



Lettuce Craft member who is organizing this swap: Kwality570
Sign-up date range: May 2 - May 10, 2024
Date to send item on or before: June 7, 2024
Limited to a certain number of people? (optional): No

Swap Organizer will check each participant to make sure they meet these conditions:

  • Has been a member for at least one month
  • Has posted at least 15 times
  • Has completed one swap successfully before signing up for multiple swaps at a time
  • Is not currently signed up for more than five swaps
  • Does not have any negative feedback
  • Participant has agreed that he/she is at least 16 years old
  • Understands that a Tracking number is required for this swap

To keep the shipping cost low, participants will be required to send their packages in either a small USPS flat rate box or one of equivalent size. You will be required to make at least 2 crafted items for your partner.

Swappers will be required to post once in the swap thread before sending in their questionnaires and once a week during the crafting period.

I am not ruling out international swappers from this swap, but we will need at least two non-US participants to join to swap together. If you are considering, post in the thread to see if there is any other interest outside of the US.

To participate, send a private message to organizer Kwality570 with subject line - Flat Rate Use What You Have Signup - Username

*Name of swap: Flat Rate Use What You Have

Lettuce Craft username:

Email addreemphasized textss:

Your real name and address:

Are you at least 16 years old?

Any allergens in your home (animals or smoke)?

Do you have any allergies?

What types of crafts can you make from your current stash?

What types of crafts/projects would you be thrilled to receive?

Is there anything you would not like to receive?

Note that you will need to be flexible on colors/patterns because everyone will be using what they have, but in case they can match these:
What are your favorite colors?

What are your favorite themes (masquerade, stripes, woodland, etc)?

Do you have a Pinterest or another online site to list?

Do you understand that tracking is required for shipping?

Have you posted in the thread?

Have you made sure your subject line is: Flat Rate Use What You Have Signup - Username

Is there anything else you’d like your partner to know?

# Participant Partner Date Sent Partner
Select Feedback
1 Abbeeroad Geekgirl 6/12/24 6/16/24 Positive.
2 Jeanneleigh Bunny1kenobi 6/12/24 6/14/24 Positive.
3 Tapestry Tendstowardschaos 6/3/24 6/6/24 Positive.
4 Endymion Kwality570 6/16/24 In Progress.
5 Tendstowardschaos Tapestry 6/5/24 6/9/24 Positive.
6 HBoose Kittykill 6/12/24 6/15/24 Positive.
7 Kwality570 Endymion 6/13/24 6/17/24 In Progress.
8 Mistress Jennie Artsycandice 6/13/24 6/16/24 Positive.
9 Kittykill Hboose 6/9/24 6/11/24 Positive.
10 Bunny1kenobi Jeanneleigh 6/9/24 6/12/24 Positive.
11 Artsycandice MistressJennie 6/14/24 In Progress.
12 Geekgirl Abbeeroad 6/16/24 In Progress.

Soooooooo tempting. I think I have room in my list for this swap and the OTT when that opens in a few weeks. Plus, my stash situation is a bit bonkers and could do with some thinning!


This is exciting, I’ve been looking for a swap to dip my toe into :slight_smile: Haven’t swapped since the days of craftster


I will be signing up!


I’m working on my questionnaire! It’s been way too long since I swapped with you lovely people.


Ohh this one is tempting to jump back in……


Glad to see the the interest! It should be a fun swap - a bit of a fun but frugal challenge!

@HBoose and @tendstowardschaos So happy you’ve joined.

@Abbeeroad @tapestry @Mountains_and_Clouds Jump in! It’s going to be super fun!!!


Planning on sending my sign up tonight.


I’m in!


Could you explain a bit more what the challenge is. I do not see it clearly. Thanks

The challenge is to make crafts without purchasing any supplies. It must also fit into a small box. It is only for US participants due to shipping costs/a special box, but if more than one person out of the us wants to swap, I can pair them together.

if my partner sends it to my son(who lives permanently in the us), it can be ok( i do not have a problem sending out of EU, just bringing into cause of postage but more cause of the customs fee and vat to be paid)

Can i join?

The main point of the swap is to save money:

  1. To have the shipping be super-cheap because you’re using the smallest possible flat-rate box, and
  2. To not spend any money at all on making the items you craft for the swap.

So if you want to make it work for you, I feel like you’d need to find a swap partner who is in your own “cheap-to-ship” zone. Otherwise it kind of defeats the whole purpose of the swap, which is to reduce the monetary cost of the swap as much as possible.

That’s just my perspective as a participant; the swap organizer, @Kwality570, would have to say for sure.


I will reach out to you separately in a Personal Message!


OHHHH! I am totally down for this.


OK, I’ve wrapped up my other swaps so I think I can do this one! : )


Yay! My Q is in! :grin:


Only one more day for signups! I will be closing the swap on 5/10 at 8 pm EST.
Tagging those that have expressed interest and haven’t signed up yet!
@Bunny1kenobi @Mountains_and_Clouds @kittykill @MistressJennie