Use it or lose it! A sharing and caring gift-along

No problemo, I was thinking about sending you some fabric scraps once I’ve managed to sort through things, so @Pigeon can have them all.


I’ve been making rat hammocks and things but I’m running low on good, strong, ribbon. If anyone has scraps 7" ish or longer I’d be happy to take them off your hands :smile: I think anything that doesn’t ravel easily would be fine :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

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I have lots of 1" webbing, would that be good? I wave the cut ends at a flame to prevent ravel. That works for most ribbon, they almost all have some or most synthetic.

Maybe? I use the ribbon for making loops:


The loose ends are sewn in between the layers (most of the time). They just need to be strong enough to hold the weight of a few cute rats without coming loose :kissing_heart:

Do you want stuff that looks pretty for humans? I have a bag of old fabric ties from camping stuff that my grandmother saved which are still sturdy & I’m sure would smell fascinating, but they aren’t pretty.

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They don’t need to be pretty :slight_smile: (and I can soak/wash them) :smile:


I mean, I just figured that interesting smells are part of rat enrichment. :laughing: I’ll set that bag aside for you, then!


I figured that too!
I mean, rats are cute & clever but we’ve had them as pets so I know how they smell, lol. They are certainly not adverse to other stinky odours.
What must they, & dogs! experience from our gross human laundry soaps & other perfumey stuff? It must be torture for their powerful olfactory systems. They will like your camping strips!


I am moving back into my craft room! In rationalising and organising my stash better, I have decided that there are a lot of my grandmother’s fabrics that I just will not use.

If anyone wants woven children’s themed fabrics, I have flannel and cotton(y) (ie not flannel, but I have no idea if cotton, polycotton, etc). Clowns, bunnies, cars, dogs, strawberries, boats… Most of the cotton is white background and the flannel mostly white, pink or yellow.

I can post pics of anything people are particularly interested in. Anyone making an eye spy quilt?


Any kitties?

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Yes I sent you a PM with a photo! :wink:

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Yay! Thanks so much!

Edit to add link.

I have just uploaded some pics of the fabrics from my Gran’s stash. Let me know if you want anything.

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Thanks @TheMistressT ! This fabric is SO COOL!


I know those hep cats are in good hands!

Are you serious? If no one is claiming these, I want them…I am turning embroidery pieces into other things!


All yours! Enjoy them!

Great! Now I am going to have to get those vintage kids fabrics from @mellybelly81 ! lol

I am supposed to be destashing but I remember very similar embroideries from my childhood!


Hi everyone! :wave: I am working on this skirt and was prompted to ask here if I needed more fabric. I am trying to make it in a vaguely cool-toned floral colorway, medium to dark values? Here’s a selection of the types of fabric I’ve gathered so far:

If anyone has fabrics that would fit this kind of scheme that they’d like to share, I need pieces that are about 9 x 10" or larger. No pressure - yard sale season is ramping up here, so I’ll get them one way or the other. :grin:


I’ll go through my stash tomorrow. That is going to be a lovely skirt…I love that you are doing a darker one. Yard sales and thrift stores can also be great sources for clothing to cut up.