Vampira Embroidery

I run a female horror group in FB and we are doing a Halloween swap. My partner and I both love old horror movie hosts so I stitched this up for her. It is in an 8 inch hoop.


So spooky sexy!

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Ooh it looks vintage! Very nice.

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Very cool @kittykill!
I think I’d like to watch a bunch of old horror movies this October :slight_smile: (I haven’t really seen any)

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Your stitches are so perfect! Stunning.

Mistress of the Dark Embroidery.


Well, ain’t she cute!

So coool! Those satin stitches are perfection.

Lovely! The cute little bat at the top is the adorable icing. Did you use a split stitch to fill in some of the negative spaces for clarity? I love how your used directionality on the satin stitches to give curves and definition to the all-black outfit.

Love love love! I want this, but Elvira.

Those naaaaiiiiilllllssss yesssss. I totally need to get mine done for October.