Vintage Halloween Swap 2021 Gallery

Wowee! Way to start this gallery with a bang, what a great package! I love all the details, this is so great!

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I’m totally lurking to see all the wonderfulness!!
@bethntim I totally want instructions on how to make that tree!

Got my swap package today from @momiemae and I love it! I was hoping for spooky decor for my new apartment and I love the detailed ink-like artwork! I can’t decide if I want to have them hanging on the wall together or if should stand them up on a shelf with my candles and spooky stuff… Suggestions?


Wowza! They are great! I like the idea of them on a shelf with spooky stuff


Whoa! So pretty! The crystal one is so fabulous!

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Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor! The most amazing package arrived from @KarenLouiseM and I am still in awe! I will not apologize for too many pics
First these precious vintage paper ephemera. The library card is my fave! (I think, I’ll let you know again after I look at them 712 more times)

Then this mask holder that also doubles as an eyeglass holder

Close up shot of the skull beads

THEN 3 magnets from my 3 favorite movies of all time (Halloween or not). Beetlejuice, A Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. These guys are about 1 1/2 inches square. So much detail in a little space!

This was the main gift. She was worried it would be a little bumpy in transit but everything arrived in perfect order. It is the most amazing Halloween advent. The book has such great detail and personalization it is astonishing to look at. On the front there is a magnet attached because inside is 31 different boxes of Halloween treats! I can’t wait until October 1st so I can start my countdown! Each box is filled with something so I will have 31 treats to greet me. There’s lots of pics so enjoy! I took a pic of all the boxes laid out and a close up of some of my faves (oh, who are we kidding they’re all my favorite!)

And AS IF that wasn’t enough she said in her letter “I added something extra in case you don’t like the other”
I can’t even
These statues are the coolest things I’ve ever seen, they might stay up year round. They’ve got a place in my heart

Thanks for looking I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!
Thanks KarenLouiseM!


Wow!!! :star_struck:

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Wowza, what a fabulous package!! That advent is amazing! Everything is - so much wonderful detail, I love it all!

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Hi All~ I have received my swap goodies from @kittykill and can’t wait to share! I actually picked up the parcel from the post office over the weekend, but I was waiting until I got hers in the mail today (late, sorry babe!) before I opened it. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to get a box from Pam, you know it’s something to be savored.

Pam chose a fun mix of cute & prim styles for all the goodies she made for me and I love it!

Let’s look closer! Here is the sweet tea towel she hand embroidered for me, I adore the colors she chose!

And I love that little mug, Pam knows I have an obsession with mugs, and I’ll deffo be using this one all autumn!

Pam also wove this little pot holder which I’ll probably use as a perfect lil mug rug. She also made these adorable tea bag envelopes.

And a new wax scent bar in an appropriately spooky scent!

Then there’s this adorable pillow hand stitched with a pumpkin-man motif, look at his cute little kitty candy bucket!

Pam also created this rad Halloween kitchen journal, a splendid place to keep record of all my potions and tonics, mwuahahahaaaa! This journal is so neat, it has a lot of little hiding spots and pockets and is packed with all sorts of cool surprises. I wish I could add a video of it, it’s so cool. This picture doesn’t do it justice!

Thank you for this excellent swap package, Pam, and thank you for hosting this years Vintage Halloween Swap, these are always such fun!
:jack_o_lantern: :jack_o_lantern: :jack_o_lantern:


Everything is so perfect!

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Yeah! I am so glad you like everything. It was fun crafting and collecting for ya. :kissing_heart: :ghost:


HOLY CATS, what awesome packages! I’m sitting here on my sofa wishing I hadn’t had too much else to do so I could’ve played along. [shakes fist at sky] I hope that both @KarenLouiseM and @kittykill will post all their amazing creations in their own topics, too! (she said hintingly)


Wowza! Love the linens SO much!

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I received from @Lisasteatime and she spoiled me! Check it out!!!

The bowls are for my plants but they are too pretty to use for that. Lol! The candles are a mix of fabric and paper. They are so cute!!! Not pictured -candy corn. I ate some and then had to hide the rest. She also sent me a book of vintage Halloween postcards. Thanks Lisa! Everything is so me!!! I love it!!!


Absolutely LOVE the fabric! What an awesome package!

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I knew this gallery was going to get me excited for Halloween!

Pretty things! Love the fabrics on the plant baskets and candles are a great idea for fall…


Ooooo! I just love the fabrics and the cute candles!


Great things come to those who wait! I was just starting to decorate and my package came in the nick of time!

I got this awesome Autumn wreath with ghosts and a full moon scene. Definitley getting put indoors so the rain doesn’t get to it

and a Sleepy Hollow themed bottle opener that may be getting left up year round.

Thanks so much, I love everything!


These are great!
Awesome package

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