Vintage hankies

I came across these at a thrift store and just had to buy them. €1 each. Someone spent a lot of time making those!

They have a crocheted edge

And the back is so neat as well!


They are lovely! In good shape as well…the little edgings are a nice touch.

Are you going to embroider in the center?

@kittykill embroidered a cat on one for me…I carry it in my purse all the time!

Actually that’s a really good idea! No plans yet, just couldn’t leave them in the store.

Those are so pretty. I love embroidering old hankies.

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Oh, these are lovely!

so pretty

Excellent find!!

Pretty! I still have to crochet some handkerchiefs for Christmas. :joy: I’m a little behind.

Lucky. Lucky. Lucky.

I know it boarders on blasphemy, but they truly are the best to use when ill. So much better on the poor, savaged nose. And cloth napkins to use daily is also MONEY.

Very true! My husband only used cloth handkerchiefs and the larger the better. Eventually we made use of some Egyptian cotton napkins that I had and they worked perfectly.

They are lovely. I feel like I am forever finding some poor persons embroidery in op shops. On the one hand it’s a bit sad, but it’s also nice to be able to buy them and cherish them since if they had any heirs they didn’t. Even ratty ones can be reused.

Those are so beautiful!

It always saddens me to see handmade items like that at thrift stores knowing the work that went into them, but it’s wonderful when they get scooped up for a loving home!

I just hope they are not used.

I’m sure some of them are. Modern laundry is a miracle though.
I send them to my sister whenever I find them. I know for a fact she is blowing noses on them, lol. They are lovely but also just the greatest for their purpose. Why not make the practical pretty? Our grannies were so industrious.