Vita Brevis Est Embroidered Pillow

I bought this stamped pillowcase some time ago and had a little time on my hands to stitch it up. The quote translates to “Life is Short.” It is from Sublime Stitching.


Very pretty! It’s always extra nice to finish up a work in progress!

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I like the use of the darker background. I also like that it is a useful item. Very nicely done The hand is great.


It’s lovely…the colors you chose to use look great on the darker background :smiley:

Thanks. I really like the fabric too. It reminds me of chalk.

Oooh. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I totally see it!!! That’s brilliant!

Just beautiful.

Cool! I also really like the fabric it’s on and how the colors of the flosses you used work with it.

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