Warmer Hearts, Cooler Oceans, garden flag edition

I’ve been working on this for some ridiculous amount of time and finally got everything together to finish and get it up. Nylon banner & dynaflo paints from Dharma; I started with egg white resist, but it didn’t do as well as I wanted, so I got some Jacquard “No-Flo primer” which kept the paint where I wanted it.

For the circle I traced a giant embroidery hoop I had sitting around, & then traced words off my computer to get them big & even enough.

Early painting, not quite where the lines were supposed to be…

Stopped to wait for new resist.

Lines stay (mostly) where I put them now!

ooh, outlines!

And a little less empty space.


That’s absolutely gorgeous :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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What a nice piece! Even if it took a ridiculous amount of time, it was worth it!

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What a great sentiment!

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