Washi Tape is the New Glitter...notecards abound

I purchased a bunch of washi tape for one of the crafting days with girls in the after school program at the YWCA…well, that program has been suspended until it is safe for everyone.

I decided to go ahead and make some sample cards to inspire the girls once the program starts up again…it feels like I was working for hours, and yet, there is still so much tape left, that I can probably just take what I have. I swear, it is like glitter…it just won’t go away!

First batch made with shiny tape…not my favorite type, but still fun…

Close up of my favorite…the round circle things came from @TheMistressT in the Lettuce Craft auction…perfect!

Second batch made with more transparent and “stretchy” tape, including some that are beautiful Japanese tapes…


These are not really cards…they are just pieces I made while learning from YouTube…they can be put on cards later…


WOW! You really know how to use washi tape to it’s full advantage - these are wonderful!

So glad you are getting use of that pack of paper cuts!


This will be so inspiring for those girls once they can participate again.


Your washi tape cards are lovely! They will definitely inspire the girls to create their own cards. And thanks for sharing…I am always on the lookout for ideas for washi tape :slight_smile:


Lovely cards, and so unique!

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Great use of washi tape!

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They are so pretty. I love all the different styles. I love me some washi tape!

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