Washi: The Griffin Hero

This is Washi Takami- She’s one of my characters. Her first name means Eagle in Japanese and her last name, I have no idea XD She has a griffin power and is training to become a super hero under her older brother. This was a drawing I did of her in her “hero costume”


It looks great!

Well done! Those are some kick butt boots! :smiley:


What does 高み (Takami) mean in Japanese?

English Translation \ 30x30 \ 30x30


More meanings for 高み (Takami)

height noun \ 65x5 \ 20x20

身長, 高度, , 極み, 高地
elevated place noun

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Appropriate for a flying hero!

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:heart_eyes_cat: Well, lookie there! Your awesome craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :rainbow:

Great drawing and I admire that you took on foreshortening! It’s hard and you did an amazing job at it.

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