Watercolor Tree Study Mini Envelopes

Another snow day, more watercolor.

No movie.

Yes, tree study!

I’m especially proud of this trunk:

And definitely another set of artistic mini envelopes.

Yay for snow days!


Yay, indeed! That trunk is fabulous; you have a right to be proud of it. I love how the designs wrap around.


And yet more gorgeousness!
You just keep producing these lovely paintings and little envelopes.
It’s amazing!


All of your recent works have been lovely. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

But, so I’m absolutely clear, do you get “official Snow days”?
As in it’s snowed and you can’t go out?
Or, it’s snowed, don’t come to work today?
Or, it’s snowed and I’m choosing not going out?

You’ve mentioned them a few times and they sound like official days off, even if it snows here (rare) we don’t get official days off

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Snow Days are days the school closes due to inclement weather/road conditions = No school for kids, no work for me because I work at school.

And, thank you.

That makes sense! I don’t have kids so I guess we have the same here, but as I say it rarely snows. :frowning: Last time it snowed enough to WFH was probably 2018?

These are very neat and that trunk is amazing.

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