Waterlily and Dragonfly Window Cling

A made this a while back but wanted to share. :smiley: I planned to do this years ago, when we first bought our house, after I learned about this product called Gallery Glass that simulates stained glass.

I drew the design out on a large sheet of paper, which I covered with wax paper. After everything was taped down, I drew the design out using the black gallery glass liquid leading. Then, I filled in the colored sections. The wax paper did stick a little bit, but I was able to peel the wax paper off and get rid of any excess with a sponge and some gentle scrubbing.

It didn’t turn out perfect; things got kind of crinkled and my design didn’t end up centered or symmetrical. But, I really love how it turned out. I love sitting by this window and looking outside. I do wish the material stuck a little better, but for the most part it clings to the window just fine.

I wonder if it would have worked better if I’d applied the design to a different backing material while it dried. Although, the random un-stickiness might also be because we have such extreme temperature changes where I live. Midwest Canada gets reaaaaal cold.

There is a plastic/acetate that is offered by the brand that makes Gallery Glass, but I needed something especially large for this project, and some of the how-to’s I read suggested using wax paper as an alternative.


How gorgeous! I’ll bet that is a really pleasant place to sit. (Love the pillow, too.)

I wonder if the smooth side of freezer paper would work?

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Love your sunshine corner! And the color will be so nice during the gray days of Jan & Feb.

Lovely. Made me think it’s a summer day, until I zoomed in and saw snow.
Maybe parchment paper would be better than waxed paper. Nothing sticks to it.

Absolutely beautiful!

What a happy little corner. I would sit there all the time. Love it!

This is really stunning!

This is so awesome! Adds so much beauty and interest to your space.

Also giving your pillow some love. :slight_smile:

So pretty! What a great way to bring a little summer color into the winter months. I wonder if a large piece of plexiglass would work?

Really pretty! You got a great shot of your work too, with the sun really making the colors sing.