Weekend ATC Blitz Challenge #5! And catch-up thread!

Fun themes!

I missed last week and will do it still, just after this one! Or maybe at the same time. Either way, these are really fun!


@Magpie :sweat_smile:
(Bubbles was Tisha’s code name when she secretly sent a package to EVERYONE in a past swap!)


I might only be able to get 4 done this round. My overall theme is “fish!” I can think of how 4 will fit easily, but 2 are escaping me right now.

Here’s the masterboard I made knowing that I needed something “watery” for my fish theme :slight_smile:


I went for silly and fast fun this weekend. No watercolours this time. I did them as a set so I’m posting them all!

1/6 myths (this one wasn’t my original idea, I saw a cartoon that made me laugh)

2/6 bubbles

3/6 positive vibes

4/6 monochromatic

5/6 under the sea

6/6 houses (hope a dog house counts!)

(I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey lately…)


@jemimah speedy! love your matching ATCs. is that origami paper in some of the ATCs?

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Yes! It’s been in my stash for years.

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That was also my name when I was a Beaver leader! But first it was the name of a very scary clown I got from the old place. He is terrifying and I love him

Looking forward to see all your cards, y’all!

Huzzah for stash busting! :smiley:

1/6 Myths

Whoo hoo…we can upload pics :slight_smile:
It was hard to get a decent picture (lightning never strikes the same place twice).


2/6 Bubbles


Beautiful masterboard @craftADDchick! Looking forward to seeing your fishy creations :fish: :fish: :fish:

Gorgeous cards @loves2experiment! Love the moody colours and the lightning looks cool!


@jemimah I love all your mythical monsters!!! Very fun and clever!!

Perhaps they could also find a home on the 2020 Monster Jam - April Craftalong!

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Great cards, @jemimah and @loves2experiment. I especially love the humor and the lightning.

I had decided on an “Under the Sea” theme because as soon as I saw that prompt I went down a Little Mermaid road. But I can already feel the drive to do all six slipping away, so these may be the only ones I get to this weekend.

1/6, Myth (“The seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake.”)

2/6, Positive Vibes (officially, but also Bubbles)


@megwell how clever! Both ATCs cover multiple themes!

3/6 Positive Vibes

(with a tiny dose of snark…)


4/6 Monochromatic

This took longer to dry than figured…apparently too many layers of tinted glaze on a damp day is not good planning :woman_shrugging: Totally stuck on theme #5…maybe a nap will help :rofl:


Thanks @Bunny1kenobi! I hadn’t thought of that :smiley:

Sebastian has been singing in my head too since the themes were announced! I have a mixed-media under the sea card planned and started, but I have serious doubts it will get done this weekend. Nothing was accomplished here today in terms of art.

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