What is an art/craft hobby that you can easily start with objects that you find in your house

what is a hobby I can start without buying too specialized/expensive/too many materials and tools ?

Sarkari job


Pencil and white paper for drawing.

Copy paper, junk mail, old postcard/greeting card, cut outs from old magazines, ephemera, used postage stamps, materials to make junk journal.

Cover/lid of a wood wine box, the backside use for painting with acrylics. Use a kitchen sponge cut into bits if you do not have painting brushes.

Scraps of fabric, needle and thread, handsew or handquilt. Free online patterns and templates also free.

Dried peels of citrus and kitchen spices, dried herbs, potpourri mix.

Old t-shirts cut into strips diy a badmat, see youtube tutorials for this.

Youtube videos diy soft clay from cornflour/cornstarch, baking soda and water.


Bottle caps can be turned into magnets, jewelry, cover cans, boxes, etc.

I save cereal boxes and cardboard to make small houses to paint for winter scenes.

You should Google Dollar store crafts…lots of inexpensive materials can be purchased to suit your interests and they carry cheap paints and brushes…like for painting rocks or junk mail!

Old clothes are also wonderful to make dog toys and other non-sew items.

Being creative shouldn’t take a lot of $; just jump in and more ideas will come to you!


Paper mache
Recycling bin fairy houses
Recycling bin automata


Masterboards! You can use junk mail, food packaging, newprint. All you really need is glue and something to add colour like markers, paint, heck even old make up or nail polish would do!


Art can be done with almost any medium.

I make miniatures from all kinds of found items.

Lots of free sewing tutorials online and I’ve cut apart old clothes to use the fabric. Buttons and zippers can be scavenged that way also.

You can make iron on stencils for painting graphic tees, from paper and grocery bags. I have a tutorial on here for that. T-shirt stencil in a pinch- May 2020 - Fashion contest entry Fabric paint is best for this, but I have used acrylic craft paint also. It tends to crack faster with washing and wearing but that can be a desired aesthetic, too.

There’s a YouTube channel called five minute crafts, I think. Lots of ideas there, as well!


Book binding can be done with scraps of paper and cardboard, needle and thread.

Macrame - you just need some rope or cord, maybe a metal ring.


Empty wood wine box makes for a good crafts storage box. Empty glass jars that fit into it, storage of brushes, colored pencils upright. Glue some images on it or add stickers.

If you live near beach, seaside collect seaglass glue in old small picture frames as art.

Leftovers cotton yarn crochet or knit kitchen cloths or wash cloths. Different small leftovers use cool colors in stripes pattern. And use warm colors in stripes pattern.
Very thin yarn leftover edge/trim for a top/shirt.

Salt and glue to add frosting/snow to outside of glass jars.

Empty green small size glasswine bottle, add pattern with leftover gold acrylic paint.

Small stones, river pebbles add Runes with paint in a different color.

Use liquid food coloring to color birdcage sand and do sand paintings in 3D in small flat box.

Empty old shallow serving tray, sand, pebbles, marbles, small stones from rock shop, big beads etc make a japanese 3D mini garden.