What season is it?

Sigh. Every year on labour day I either go to the beach. Or make a quilt. This year its was kind of chilly.
Thematically. Looks like summer is over.

But this backing fabric. :heart_eyes:chef’s kiss


That’s so fun! Those kitties are the literal best.

What great fabrics put to a great use!

The thumbs up from the coffin makes me snort laugh.

I love it! It’s a great pattern to show off those amazing prints and it’s probably relatively quick to make.

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Love it!

You make an entire quilt in a weekend?! Um, my self esteem just took a hit. Ha! That is incredible and I love the one you made this year. I love the monochromatic with a touch a orange. Sets the mood just right. :ghost:

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This is so rad.

This kicks butt!

:hotdog: Hot diggity dog! Your awesome craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Congratulations!!! :tada:

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That is so pretty!