Which zipper do you prefer?

Olive or off white? Or should I get a light brown or navy instead?


Olive, more blendy inny

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I would use the olive because it shows less than the white, but requires less effort than getting a blue zipper. And it does match the leaves, giving it an air of “This is intentional!”

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It’s supposed to show, but yeah, I think the cream one screams “look at my zipper!”

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I like the olive.

olive - I like the idea of the white but the olive blends better with the fabric

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Olive; makes it look more “designer-ish”.

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Olive wins.


I love this rabbit fabric. This will be a really cool top.

@MightyMitochondria It’s gorgeous heavy polar fleece. My serger was unhappy with me whenever it had to sew across a seam.

From Joann fabrics.

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