Will this be ok? crochet question

so I am kinda new to crochet. I have made basic projects but this will be the biggest. this pattern is great cause it’s a large rectangle that you just sew the sides together to get a sweater-like thing. my question is do i start over if this is what it’s looking like? I have had this ufo in my craft room for over two years now and i am trying to get through everything, and not let my procrastination and perfectionism take over but will it turn out even ok?

this is the pattern for reference


First off - I love this yarn and that is a cool pattern. Your stitches look very even and clean and it’s going to be a cute sweater.

I think you may have added extra stitches at the end of the rows or possibly changed the size of hook partway through. The pattern appears to be forgiving when you seam and you may not even notice.

It’s really up to you how to proceed - I think you will learn things either way. I will say this - I used to never frog projects and keep going until I would get discouraged about it and lock it away before finishing. If you think you might do the same I would recommend frogging it now before it gets any bigger.

I think I might want to make one of these! Thanks for the pattern.

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thanks, I have to get this done as I cleaned out my craft room closet and I am refusing to put the ufos back, I have counted 25 projects I have to get done by the time my in-laws come in July. (having a clean house for them is really good motivation) I think I can keep going as long as it won’t cause me too many problems in the end.

the pattern is great and I am really enjoying it, it goes by really quick. I’m sure you will too.

I’ve made several of these and its easy to disguise this with the seaming and drape. Should be fine to keep going I just always keep my hook in with my project and try crocheting a couple rows on a cotton dish cloth to help ease tension for your nightly/daily/whenever crocheting. As you get use to your tension you don’t have to do so but it can help newer crocheters kind of warm up before the main event


good idea, I will have to try that.

I made that pattern a few years ago for a swap when we were still on Deadster. I will warn you that this pattern really only works well for slender individuals. If you have any curves, it’s not very flattering, and doesn’t fit well. She gave directions for larger sizes, but they were based on math, just adding a prescribed number of stitches for each new size, but then she didn’t tweak that for fitting on a human body. Many of us curvy folks have more hips & butt, so sizing up around the hip line is needed. But just because we have a booty, doesn’t mean we have giant linebacker shoulders too, so we don’t really need that same size extension up top. If I had left it as she had the pattern written, it would have fit like an adult trying to get out of a child’s life vest. Sort of hugging around the back, ending on the sides, and stretched (or not reaching) across the front.

Since the swap recipient was pretty close to my size, I was able to do some adjusting to the pattern. If you’re in the same boat, here’s a link to my project on Ravelry, where I explain what I did to adjust the fit.



good to know. I kinda just want to see it done, and not on my closet floor anymore. and then maybe go from there and see about making something that fits better. also, my stepdaughter is a stick so i can give it away if need be. :grinning:


So. Much. This.

Pear is a shape! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the tweak pattern.

Same thing that’s wrong with every single thing for sale at Lane Bryant? Well that, and we’re not all 6’ tall too.

You could frog it all & rewind the balls so it’s no longer a UFO but simply supplies for another time.
If you were determined to finish it, the pattern looks like a forgiving sort of shape.
I am not great at counting stitches but one thing you could do is put in stitch markers 5 stitches in from each end so you only need to count there to make sure you aren’t adding in extras.

That is such a great idea!