Winter Book Swap

I would definitely be up for another round of this swap.

Are digital books allowed? I do love a paper volume but just thinking of shipping costs cross border/overseas. Chocolate & a small craft can go in a regular sized envelop but some books are weighty. I tried to send Edel a magazine the other day, $17 more!


Yep! Whatever format you wish. Last year a few people said that digital was fine.

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I always want to do this swap and then run into the problem that I have so many books and generally buy the ones I’m excited about owning…


I may have already prepped an amazon wishlist! Its for ideas as I would do thrifted/secondhand/kindle doesn’t matter to me! It was just the only place I currently use where I could actually find all the weird stuff I read to list!


i would def be interested in participating again!!

I would be interested in this!

I would love this! There is a bookstore by my new home that has neat stuff!

I love this swap. It’s one of my favorites. I will join if I am not in a cast, so it depends on timing.

Awesome! I’m thinking send outs the 1st of December or the end of November.

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I like this swap. I think I’ve done it twice now? Or maybe once. It feels like twice. A later send out is good. October is usually very busy for me with a swap, my 7 or so rubbermaids of Halloween decorations, and a dinner party.

Sign ups would October 25th through November 1st and send outs the 1st of December. It would be 1 small crafted item, 1 book and chocolate.

Digital and used books are okay if the partner is fine with that. Extras are okay as long as both partners agree.


Ohh, this sounds like a really nice winter swap. I will keep this on my radar and hopefully be in a good mind to do it when the time comes.

I’m excited for this one!

I opened up sign ups for the swap:

Are we going to do this swap again this year?

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I’m down if others are interested.


I like this swap, but I can’t do anything else until Nov.


I’m interested too, but I can’t do anything until November also.

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