Winter Escapes Me

I asked a budding artist, @GeekyBookworm, if she would paint me a fall scene since we don’t get much fall around here…seems like we go from hot summer straight into rainy winter…no pretty leaves!

She asked me if I would do a beach scene for her…plenty of beach around here!

Plus, I kinda wanted to rub it in to all my family and friends who were posting pictures of snow… :laughing:

This is kinda a mish mash of other beach scenes I have pinned as well as my memory of the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets we get here…and techniques that I learned in the zoom meetings!

When in doubt, splatter it!


This is really gorgeous! Thank you for swapping with @GeekyBookworm! She enjoys being able to do that while she waits to be able to officially swap! I may just go in her room and stare at that picture all the time. Living in the middle of the country, we don’t get to visit the beach much!

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All the different techniques all mesh together really well!!! It really is a beautiful scene!!!

The sunset it just lovely. I love the palm grass too.

When we can safely travel again, you can come visit me! I can take you to the spot to see this in real life!

BTW…the three little birds in the upper left corner were in homage to you… :wink:

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This is a technique I don’t remember about often enough!

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Layering creates depth and it seems splatters serve that function…but some people hate them…my sister always thinks I should quit while I am ahead…we agree to disagree…her paintings look flat to me…but, it is one of my go-tos. ha ha

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