Winter-themed Flannel Pillowcases

After rediscovering the holiday flannel pillowcases I made for the guest bed earlier this year, I decided that TheMisterT and I deserved cozy flannel pillowcases, too!

I was glad to find a cute winter print that included some grey that wasn’t holiday specific so we can use them for more than just December. And all the flannel at JoAnn was on sale so it was pretty inexpensive! I also bought the red dot, but the yellow striped was from stash. Please forgive the stray thread in the photo. How embarrassing!


Love your fabric choices! These are so cute!

You find the best flannel! That would be awesome as a pair of lounge pants

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Thanks, you two!

I was soooo focused an making sure that the mountain scene would be right-side up with the cuffs on opposite sides, that I didn’t even give a thought to the landscapes lining up across the two cases. Most of me is fine with it, but part of me is saying, “D’oh!”

These are really cute! BTW, I didn’t see the stray thread, but as soon as I read that I laughed to myself because I have posted many a picture with random cat hairs all over them. Ha! These look super snuggly.

So stinking cute! I love the fabric you chose.

Thanks, pals!

@gozer OMG, the pet hairs! I go through many of those sticky lint rollers every year and I hardly use them on my clothes at all. :grin:

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Super cute.

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