WIP - Octopus

Finished the drawing part. Now I’m trying to decide how to add color, or if I want to leave it as is. Thought about doing watercolor over the pencil. Or colored pencils. :slight_smile:
12X18, graphite on heavy drawing paper.


Oh, wow, this is fabulous! Can’t wait to see what you do / if you do color. I think it marvelous, either way.

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This is a wonderful drawing. I’d love to see what you do with color.

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Great drawing!

An idea: use vivid watercolors (perhaps leave some open spaces, or do some salt effects), and afterwards cover the pencil lines with black ink (pen).


Thanks! I’ll do some experimenting first and see what might work. :slight_smile:

Gorgeous! I love it!

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Ooh, this looks so cool!

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Absolutely love the shape overhang.


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Oooh, fabulous drawing!! I think watercolour would be amazing!!

Beautifully drawn!

Octopi do the most amazing colors, but your drawing really shows off how graceful they are!

You can try all the variations that you can think of - scan the drawing and print it out on card stock or do the variations digitally.


You can tell you took some real care and time with this. It is beautiful! Do whatever you feel, you know what your want to do in your heart. Go for it. Just don’t psych yourself out!