Wise Sayings, Mushrooms, Birds, and more! My January 2020 ATCs

Even without swapping I somehow managed to make eight ATCs last month. I’ve been working through my stash and it was nice to craft without a theme or person in mind.

“Royal Owls” made from masterboard pieces (the circle piece was from a @Lynx2Lancer masterboard), an owl picture that has been in my stash for years, a crown from a wine label, and word from a book page.

“Textured Undergrowth” made from masterboard pieces and a postage stamp.

“Torn” made from masterboard pieces from myself and @Lynx2Lancer, some black paper, and a spanish game card. I was processing (still am) some emotions and I just needed to make something that wasn’t perfect, didn’t have clean-cut lines, etc. I tore all the pieces so that the rough tear was visible (hard to explain but if you tear a card you will see that each side has a different look, one side will have a rougher edge that is missing the color/top layer). I sent this one to @Magpie

“Wise Saying” 1, 2, and 3 were made with a tea-tag quote “first think and then act” and all have similar design elements. I used masterboard backgrounds, shimmery scrapbook paper, 3-dimensional shiny things, and embellishments.

“Humming Bird” (pun intended) is made on a masterboard background with pieces cut from old greeting cards and music notes from my stash. I have an idea who I’ll be sending this to once ATC swapping is up :wink:

“Wonders” is on a shimmery green background with masterboard hexagons and hexagon quote, “All the wonders you seek are within yourself.” Sir Thomas Browne.

I plan on sending all of these to other people when swapping is back up and running :slight_smile: Thanks for looking!


They are all lovely and thoughtfully done…I especially love the rose as I know it was done at a bad time for you…I know what you mean about the edges…and isn’t it like life? Sometimes the edges are not as rough looking at them a different way…

You have done a lot in one month…and your names for your cards are also something I like seeing…it sort of gives the idea of what you were thinking at the time…


These are soooooo cool!

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Such meaningful art. A stamp from Yemen Republic - definitely unique, and the Wise Saying key to life is inspiring.

Thank you for sending the rose card to me, it arrived and is even more special in person :blue_heart:

Love the bird ones.

Lovely work!! So thoughtful and I like how you use colour!

These are all great. I love the rough torn look. And what you did with the hexes.

I love the owl one! And the quotes are fantastic!