Woolly ornaments (destash)

The fiber arts group I’m in was tasked with creating ornaments small enough to attach to wreaths, as part of the organization’s annual fundraiser. They all needed to incorporate fiber arts, nature, local history, or farm life in some way. Into the stash I dove!

I used up my vintage wooden spools, wrapping them with my handspun yarn and attaching string with varying beads, knots and/or hot glue. @loves2experiment sent me these great wooden “handmade” tags, so I tied them on the bigger spools with clear fishing line.

Instead of handspun, this one uses up a glittery thick thread and turtle charm I’ve held onto for too many years.

Next I used the crazy nut-caps I collected last year to top some almost-acorns. I still don’t know what the tree is they’re from. ETA: bur oak!

Little felted balls hung from clear fishing line, from yarns and batts folks had sent me in past swaps:

I had some ruby slipper-inspired felted beads left over from my Wizard of Oz art yarn project of many years ago, so I felted them some more to get the shape right and then stuck them inside the three gorgeous bead-caps I’d been hoarding away.

Finally, I used the remainder of my bark-colored fiber, plus some salvaged-from-the-laundry moss-green fiber scraps to make this little fallen branch in the woods. Someone sent me the mushroom in a swap at some point, I’m so glad to finally use it!


You ticked all the boxes with these beauties! I love the spools and the acorns especially.

Ooh, my favorite is the rainbow yarn, but those ‘crazy nut cap’ acorns are a close second. What a great contribution!

I love the thimbles!

Those spools are a perfect way to show off gorgeous handmade yarns. :heart:

Your fiber arts ornaments are awesome!! Love those spools with the gorgeous bits of handspun :slight_smile:

very cool!
maybe those are bur oak acorns?

MYSTERY SOLVED!! :partying_face: Yay! The tree they’re from is one of those paltry little parking lot median trees, so it didn’t occur to me that it could even be an oak.

Thank you, all! In the end these will be mixed in with a couple hundred other handmade ornaments for people to choose from when picking out their wreaths, so it will be interesting to see what appeals to “the public”.


These are so cool! I love the spools with the handmade charms, great job pulling it all together

Every style is just darling! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I really can’t resist a wooden spool.

What clever ornaments! Way to destash!

I love the spools with the hand spun yarn. I really really want one! They are so adorable.

These are fantastic! I especially love the spools. :heart:

These are so wonderful! I love all the ways you made happy little wreath decorations! The spools are fun, but those bur oaks are the best!!

This fabulous project has been selected as a Featured Project for the week! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Congratulations!! :sparkles: :tada: :sparkles:
Way to go, @calluna! :+1:

Why, thank you kindly!

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I have such a soft spot for those vintage spools! I love those! And the “handmade” tags are perfect.

What a wonderful assortment of fiber ornaments! So creative!

Wow, I love all of these, especially the acorns. Fantastic job!