Wooly Basket - Stash Buster 2

Another basket, this one is larger, about 10" across and 8" tall. The bottom side stitches were tighter and the silly thing had a pinched bottom look. But a little crafty blocking solved that. I really like this one, though I donโ€™t like how I did the transition from base to sides. I like a softer look.


I actually quite like that edge for transition, looks great!

Looks great! Is it all yarn or did you use any stiffer inner core?

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I just use several strands of yarn. The yarns are various weights so I mix and match until I get a good thickness. Itโ€™s a tight single crochet and hard on the hands. I go with the most thickness (4-6 strands) my hook will handle. And I have no idea what size hook it is, came with a thrift bunch of knitting needles.


Actually, I love the crispness of your transition to sides. They look amazing!

Love the multicolor/multi yarn vibe of this basket!

Looks excellently sturdy!

The colour combo, the edge stitching, the transition from base to sides, and the handles - everything is so neat, so well formed and elegantly proportioned. Very nice work.

Lovely. My cats would claim this immediately. Ha!

Both cats have been found in it. I made a kitten version, guess i need to make an adult version. I have crocheted kitty beds out of cut up fleece blankets and also used old wool shirts. Itโ€™s time for some new ones.


What a fantastic way to use up yarn!!