Wrist pin cushion with tutorial

I made this one with a bit of fave batik and an antique shell button but my sister was visiting and liked it so I gave it to her. I meant to make another for myself and am just remembering now, I’ll take process pics when I get around to recreating it so you can see how I put it together.

This is the first one I made, I sent it to my cousin who was just starting to sew her own clothes.

They are super comfy and handy! There’s a circle cut from a yogurt container inside so you don’t stab yourself in the wrist when sticking pins in.

Tutorial added…
cut a circle from some plastic, I used the lid from a tub of cream cheese. About 2 inches across should be good.

cut a circle of fabric about 6 inches across

measure a length of elastic that just fits around your wrist, you don’t want it to be tight at all

you can either stitch across to join or I like this no bulk join

cut a circle of fabric about a 1/2" larger than the plastic disk

sew it to the join in the elastic

do a running stitch along the edge of the circle

poke a hole in the centre of the disk and then insert the disk and gather the stitches tight, tie off the thread ends

sew a running stitch around the larger fabric circle with a doubled or even quadrupled thread that is at least 30" long once folded. You want to have both the starting and finishing ends long for tying off. Stuff tightly with fiber fill and draw the stitches very tight, tie off. This can be tricky, you want the gather to stay as tight as possible.

Thread all the tail ends into a long needle and insert it up through the centre of the filled shape, sew on a button drawing it tight. Tie it off by the gathers and insert one half of the tail end threads through the hole you poked in the plastic disk, then back up through the hole in the disk.

Tie both tail ends together tightly and snip off the ends so they hide between the disk and the puff

the puff should be pretty securely fastened to the disk and the wrist band

sew the edge of the disk fabric to the puff

et voilà, you’ve got a wrist pincushion that will keep you from stabbing yourself in the arm!

My step-mama came over for dinner with my bro tonight, I gave it to her. She said she’s meant to make one for about 5 years now, lol. Perfect timing!


Nice! Love that batik!

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Nice! Is the wristband elastic? This is much smarter than sticking the pins in your mouth or pinning them to your sleeve (I’m guilty of both).



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Practical and very pretty!

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I have at least 8 pin cushions scattered around my studio, but now I need one of these!

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Ooh, I’ll be looking out for your tute. The number of times this would be handy when I’m pining knit stuff for blocking…also the batik fabric on your first one is so gorg!!

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So handy and fun!

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What a great way to use a favorite piece of fabric! Smart idea with the yogurt lid!

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Tutorial added, hope you make one!
You can use a rectangle too, circle is just what I went for this time.

This looks fabulous, and such a helpful, clear tutorial too! bookmarked :sparkling_heart: