Xmas gifts

I’ve been busy with making Xmas gift. so here is a preview
My son became a real DnD player and what do you give an 28 old one that is homemade.
So i tried something out of my comfort zone.
First i design a box for dice which i lasercut at our Fablab. Painting all the parts. I wanted a kind of iron look with a gold top. Then i added some isomo in which i made holes to hold the dices. And then a piece of fabric to make it neet.
Secondly the dices in epoxy: i wanted mum-dices so i had to use home dried flowers. With a very small opening to add them, it was quiet challenging.
This is the result


And he will get a powerful dragon to play with (i bought it, had to assemble it and then paint it, which is not my thing)

and a lasercut dragon too

I also have 2 friends who are obsessed :slight_smile: with ghosts and even dough Halloween is behind us. I made 2 ghosts which glow in the dark in epoxy

A whole lot of candle holders for my students and the neighbours

Some small things with the rest of the epoxy

I also made some bottle closures for wine bottle. the top is epoxy with flowers and cork which i had to glue on a bought bottle closure. But is forgot to make a picture and there are already wrapped for my husband.

I made (it’s a trial) a Xmas pyramid for us. It can be much better . still have to find a way to keep everything in place while the epoxy is setting

And finally a hand with flowers and some glitters, in which i’ll add a rain prove candle for Nathan.

Had some busy days but fun.
I"ll use this post also to wish you a splendid end of the year


Wow! So many awesome projects in one post!

I really love the flower dice!!!

You are excellent with resin.

Are you sure you are not Santa, because this post is packed with so many great gifts! The dice and their box is my favorite.

You made so many beautiful gifts. Im sure they eill all be appreciated. They are so thoughtful and from the heart.

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Still lot to learn with resin but we will get there :slight_smile:

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No i’m not Santa , i just like to make home made presents in stead of buying them.
And the DnD gave me a marvellous idea.

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Wow! That’s a lot of great gifts! The one for Nathan especially touched my heart. :heart:

He is still part of our family and lives in our hearts, so i do continue to craft little things i can put outside with him.

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Wow! What amazing presents! I’m sure everyone will be flabbergasted! Very thoughtful also.