Zoom Away the Blues

Thanks to a great group of artists and our host @geekgirl, I got in a bit of art therapy today!

We used a tutorial that can be found on the Paper & Mixed Media thread for the second time. I decided to paint a full sized piece to hang in my guest bathroom.

This lesson was about layering and just going for it…I love this free style of painting!

Close ups of some of the layers:


This is just beautiful Linda!! I love the colours, the layering, the little diamonds - it’s so pretty!!

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Love all the texture and layers! :blush:

This is fantastic! Love the layers!

That looks great! I love you decided to go big.

ha ha I needed something in my guest bathroom…free art! lol

Love it, so classy and beautiful! :green_heart:

Great job!

Wow! This has better be up on the wall because it turned out beautiful!

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Gorgeous! I love the freestyle

I love the colors. They remind me of the ocean.

This is beautiful! I love that you made something so stunning for YOU!

Absolutely beautiful! Very whimsical and the color palette is one of my favorites!

Beautiful. I love your color palette and the movement you get from the circles.

This is gorgeous! You’re so good at following the directions and taking it your own way at the same time. I’m sure it’ll look even more gorgeous once it has been hung.

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This is beautiful! It feels moody and light at the same time.

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I’ve always liked layered mixed media art like this. I really like the light color wash in the background and the blending of all the colors in the foreground!


It’s gorgeous!
I would have it on my wall.

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Thank you…I framed it and it hangs in my guest bathroom. :slight_smile:

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