100 Days of Tiny Costumes

I’m taking part in the #100DaysProjectScotland over on Instagram - doing 100 tiny doodles of costumes from movies.
(You can see what I’ve done so far at http://www.instagram.com/RandomlyGen)


When I was in elementary school, I used to draw some sort of fashion or costume on the back of all my papers…I wish my mom had kept them…

Your tiny drawings are very cute…what a challenge…keep posting so we can guess the movies!


What a great idea, love your drawings.

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Your tiny drawings are lovely!

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Really cool. I love how you achieved the overall look of iconic costumes, in such a small space.

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Thanks so much!

I started in a small sketchbook for the Brooklyn Art Library – the pages were only 2.33 x 1.66”, so they really are tiny! Now I’m continuing the project for another 70 costumes, I’m going to keep the pictures the same size, but I’ll maybe do a handful of larger groups that can take up more space!


I love your style. These are super cool!

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This is so awesome!

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