100% Yak - A Quarter-zip Fleece for Him - Kwik Sew 4201

TheMisterT and I watched a British comedy series called Plebs early in the Pandemic and got a kick out of the first couple seasons. In one episode, there’s a joke about a coat that is 100% yak and later a coat that is 15% yak.

Annnnnnnnywaaaaaaay, we have lots of percent yak and 15% or 100% something jokes so when I spotted this fabric on Spoonflower while looking for a weasel print… well, I had to make something!

I used this pattern (Kwik Sew 4201) which is discontinued and purchased from an Ebay seller. I cannot recommend this pattern. I am not an expert garment sewer by any stretch of the imagination, but I am an experienced garment sewer and can say with confidence that this one is lacking. Poor or missing directions, lack of notches where every other pattern would have them (didn’t pose a problem, but was a clue to quality), and a kind of crude finish on the inside in places. But it’s done and I’m pleased with it and think he will get a kick out of it, even if it is mostly a WFH item of clothing. Also a bit of a WTF item of clothing, right? :rofl:

The zipper pull was my addition and is grosgrain ribbon and embroidery floss from stash.


Waaaaaant that fleece! Love it! And isn’t it strange how pattern quality in the same line can vary so much?!

Great job!

Thank you! Here’s the designer’s page on Spoonflower! They have some great animals and I am likely to go back for some of the weasels.

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This is fantastic. :ok_hand:

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“I am likely to go back for some of the weasels.” That … that makes me want to write a story about an adventurer with a soft spot for unwanted animals …


Gasp? Her “birch forest”! Tuxedo kitties! Donkeys! Curse you, T, and your meddling ways! Now I am obsessing over her designs… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :grin: :heart:

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Right? Great work and such interesting, under-represented critters! I hope she does capybaras someday!

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Inside joke crafts are the best.

Also, YKYACW you don’t bat an eye at the phrase “while looking for a weasel print.”

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Right? But srsly, he loves weasels.

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Love the yak print and can’t wait to hear more about the weasel print!!

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Rofl, I love that you were looking for weasel print fabric, I’m sure there’s a reason behind it but it’s just so random I love it!! Also Plebs :heart: great show. Double also I agree that Capybara fabric would be great!

Anyways, I think it looks great and I hope TheMisterT loves it!

Thanks, friends! It’s been all wrapped and under the tree for a week so I’ve kind of forgotten about it. :grimacing: Now my excitement is renewed for him to have it on Saturday!

That is pretty much the cutest fleece I have ever seen. And wow, you did such a neat job on the sewing! Jealous!

This is hilarious. I seriously need to learn how to sew clothes so I can find fun prints like this to make custom stuff for myself. Love it!

Thanks so much!

You should see the weasels!

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