10th Birthday Cookies! Doggie Treat Style

My little girl is 10 years-old today! How’d that happen? Sigh.

I made her a bunch of savory cookies, mostly squirrels since she love/hates them and a few hydrants to honor her one year as a city dog. Then her name D-E-L-I-A and 3 paws to make a “layer cake.”

The recipe is one I’ve used before and you can find it here. It’s got bacon drippings for the fat component! But not much. The “frosting” is about 1:1 peanut butter and plain greek yogurt that is thickened just a bit with finely grated parmesan. Delia is not a picky eater. :grin:


I made the “10” a few weeks back. She’s also sporting a new collar cozy with orange flowers - orange is her signature color.

UPDATE: I don’t remember this happening in the past, but id does seem that these treats give our sweet, beautiful princess some seriously rank toots! Might be the “frosting” and we are just about out of the frosted ones, so maybe it will get better. We’ve had quite a bit of wildfire smoke the last few days and times up into the “unhealthy for everyone” part of the air quality scale, but it’s difficult to say if it’s actually safer indoors with Delia! :flushed:


Aw, they grow up so fast!
Cute cookies!

Such a good girl! Love that she has a signature color. I bet she loved those cookies

Thanks, pals!

She just looks so great in orange!

Nothing better than homemade pupper treats for a birthday!

I used to have a neighbor who had birthday party every year for her dogs and invited all the dogs in the neighborhood. They all got party hats and treats. I remember their daughter, who was about 7 at the time, coming over to pick up our dog for the party. Our 18 yr old son was hanging out with a friend and gut some strange looks when this little girl showed up saying, “I’m here to get Licker for the party…” :joy::wine_glass::beer::tumbler_glass:


Happy birthday sweet Delia! Enjoy your treats!

Aw, thanks! I will pass along everyone’s birthday greeting to Delia!

That’s so funny! We had first birthdays for both Delia and her dearly departed big sister, Betty, back when we lived “in town.” So fun!

Awww! Happy birthday littles! What great treats to have on your big day.

Perfect celebration for double digits! They grow up so fast

Thanks, friends!

Wow time flys, she so lovely. I have a 12 yo girl Missy and she gets the worst toots from cheese which she loves but she can’t have it. I try to hide it when I cook with it cause she gives me the puppy eyes. 12 years and still gets me with the puppy eyes

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They never outgrow puppy eyes! Usually Delia is fine with pretty much all of the ingredients in these, so far as I know. Hmmmmmmm.

Delia is beautiful and I love that she eats the treats you make here, even if it had unexpected consequences. Ha! I tried to make my cats treats twice, but they refused to eat them.

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:rofl: I’m lucky that dogs are often quite a bit less particular about what they eat. Ahem.

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Maybe if mine had looked as scrumptious as yours do they would have tried them. :wink:

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Maaaaaybe? I’ve tasted them and they are BLAND.

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