12 years of Glitter houses, and counting

It’s been twelve years of making glitter houses (aka putz houses) I think the first one I saw mentioned was on deadster, so that Christmas I made one.

And every Christmas since, I’ve made another. I always write on the bottom of the house, a precis of the year. It’s always great to read them when they get unpacked. This year we’ve moved house, just as well because they had outgrown their original spot.

This year’s

And them all together, impossible to get a good shot!

It’s difficult to get a good night time photo, but this is them all lit up.


What a sweet little village! The fact that you included a camper is fabulous.


I love your glittery winter neighborhood!

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Those are fabulous! What a great annual tradition.

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My favorite is the castle!

I always enjoy seeing your annual additions. I imagine unpacking and reading the bottoms is such a walk down memory lane. Wait… are these buildings all located on Memory Ln?

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The castle seemed appropriate for last year given all the lockdowns.

@TheMistressT ha! Yes, they are all on memory lane.

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How lovely! I keep wondering how much glitter is at the bottom of their storage box.

How pretty! What a fun tradition!

Best glitter village I’ve ever seen. :snowflake:

I love the pink ones!

LOVE these! So so pretty!!!

I love how you can track the history of your years through this and the little village emerging is so charming and wonderful. Beautiful.

So absolutely fabulous!

So sweet!

12 years! I’m certain I saw your first one but didn’t realize it had been that long. Great job.

This is the best, most fun collection of all time. I love this tradition, writing the year’s events on the bottom is such a lovely idea.