1920s Flapper Doll

I made a felt doll for @kittykill for the Ongoing Wish Swap. :blush:

Kittykill took this picture. :purple_heart:

I had a lot of fun with this doll. I also really wanted to make her a coat with fur on the collar and cuffs. I couldn’t get it figured out in time though.

Here is the first part of the doll process for me. It’s the design part. Generally this is my favorite part!

More WIP pics.

Fun tidbit I discovered while working on this doll. Most flapper girl costumes were not actually that common in the 20s. They were too short for that time period for the average woman to wear.

Overall I had fun looking up historical tidbits while working on this doll. :purple_heart:


Also, she has a wire frame so she can be posed. :blush:


She’s so darn cute! I love her to bits!

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Awesome work! I love her eyes.

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So cute!!!

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She is so detailed and adorable!


What a cutie! The costume details are great!

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Very sweet! It’s perfect for kittykill!

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Wonderful doll, awesome job!

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Q is for QuiteAGal

Glad to hear that she’s bendable. The flapper girl dolls that I’ve seen through the years have had knocked-knees. That is not a historic fact. I think the girls with no rhythm made that up.

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What are knocked knees?

So adorable! She’s the cutest little thing :heart_eyes:

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She’s so cute! I totally would have thought you purchased a pattern for her - your design is amazing!

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To clarify, I modified a pattern. I made the dress pattern, embroidery pattern, and hair patterns. The basic doll frame (body, arms and legs) are from a pattern I bought. :blush:

It’s still very impressive!!

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Sorry, that’s prolly and old term. It’s like when Flappers are Flapping and their knees turn toward each other; back; forward, etc.
I’ve heard people call them bowed legs but to me, that’s opposite.

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Ok, now I get it! Your other comment makes more sense now lol.

I love her so much!!! She is too adorable. Thank you for making her for me.

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I’m glad you like her :purple_heart:

:drum: :drum: :drum: :drum: Congratulations! Your rad craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! WOO! :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball:

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