1940s Hat and Corsage


For Christmas, my sis got me tickets to Postmodern Jukebox, and the show was last weekend. I have had a vintage 1940s “date dress” for years, but have never worn it. Navy blue nylon crepe, with navy velvet accents. I picked it up at a thrift store for $4. So what better place to wear it? I did some minor repairs and temporary alterations to the dress, found some 40s-ish shoes, decided on my vintage jewelry and then, after browsing and browsing and browsing vintage photos, I made a couple of accessories.

1940s use of flowers for dress was intense. I had to go big or go home, and since I was focusing on red as my primary accent, it felt like yellow was a natural choice for additional pops of color.

The half hat is very simple, but packs a punch! I was stopped quite a bit with compliments on my look but the hat got a lot of mentions. It is sewn onto a regular headband as a base. It’s essentially a marquee shape (like the gemstone shape) with rounded off ends. One cut of red velvet, one cut of blue satin, sewn right sides together and turned and pressed, then the headband slipped inside, and the ends sewn closed and tacked to the headband. Then you just decide where you want the little fold, and tack it down with a button, or other little decoration. It worked a treat!


OH MY, I bet you stole the show. Awesome job.

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So cool! I love Postmodern Jukebox!

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Our seats were 7th row orchestra, so when they asked for everyone who had dressed up especially for the show to stand and get audience recognition I was close enough they could see me from the stage. And as we left, a ton of people sought me out to tell me they had seen me stand up and needed to tell me how cool my outfit was. Lol I do not normally dress to impress and it was pretty fun.


It was SUCH a great show.

Wow! Fabulous outfit and the accessories you made really complete the look. Sounds like you had a blast!

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What a perfect way to dress for Postmodern Jukebox! You handmade additions are perfect. It’s extra cool that they acknowledge that people do dress in vintage clothing for their shows and that people in the crowd compliment each other on their 'fits.

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Blown away. You look like you just stepped out of a vintage magazine! This outfit is gorgeous and it fits you so nicely! I love it all!!

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You look fabulous! Lovely accessories and such a cool outfit for the concert! I love that group.


Thank you! Except my boobs are the wrong shape. Lol I didn’t have time (or funds immediately post-Christmas) to get a period appropriate bra that fit me correctly, especially via the internet, as there are no specialty undergarment shops around here, and consequently my boobs are far too round.

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Okay, that’s funny right there!

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