1980's Style Flower Lady

The entire time I was stitching this up, I kept singing “Her name is Rio…” It totally reminds me of Duran Duran’s Rio album cover, but with flowers. LOL!


I love her! The felt flowers add extra interest.


This is beautiful. I love the eye. She has a sort of knowing look to her. It’s lovely.


I love her! She’s beautiful. But when I think of the 80’s and someone named Rio, I think of Jem’s boyfriend, from Jem & the Holograms. He had purple hair. I may have loved him a little… :purple_heart:

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OMG! I was singing Rio from just the thumbnail! This stitched lady shines and shows you all she can. For sure.

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Totally wonderful! I love the mix of the embroidery and felt.

Love her!

I get the Rio vibe, too! This turned out beautifully!

I like it!
I came of age in the eighties…

I’m not familiar with that album, but I can see a bit of Frida in this, too, from the flowers.