1st attempt at quilling

I have been wanting to try quilling for a long time. I finally tried yesterday and made this for my mom. I have proper supplies coming. I had to paint this paper as the cardstock I have is white core. It took hours to do all this (this is 8x8) but I had fun and will be doing more.


Woah. You painted your own paper? That is some crazy effort!!

Now, that’s a labor of love! :heart:

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I love the look of quilling, and your color palette is very pretty. I’ve wanted to try quilling, too, but it seems so fiddly and time-consuming. Your project came out great! I’ll bet your mom loves it!

This looks great! I’m surprised this is a 1st-try project - bonus points for painting your paper! That’s a labor of love for sure!

Beautiful job! I used to do quilling many years ago and it’s nice to see some again.

Hard to believe this is your first attempt. Impressive!

Thank you for all of the comments!

This is so neat! Is it hard to do?

I think it has been very easy so far. It can be a bit fiddly. You need patience more than anything as it is time consuming. At least for me since I just started. there are tons of awesome videos on Youtube if you want to take a look. There are so many amazing quillers out there!

Your mom is so lucky. I can’t seem to glue anything without also getting glue everywhere and gluing myself to all the bits of paper. I’ve avoided quilling because of that. And I admire the beautiful quilling results. Beautiful, loving picture.

I can’t believe this is your first quilling project! It turned out so nicely!