2 Collaged Tags

These are 3”x6” tags.
I used all hand painted collage papers I made

Prompt for tag1 was Include 3 circles

Prompt for tag 2 was to include a face. I used a Tim Holtz paper doll.


Apparently even with new glasses I still can’t see. I went to package these to mail and the prompt is actually LACE and not FACE. oops

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These are great! You really have a talent for this medium.

I feel like there’s a “your face!” joke here should you decide to embrace the misread of “lace”.


Love the background and how different each tag looks…face/lace…oops…maybe give her a lace collar?


I’m a sucker for mixed media tags. These are so lovely. I’m happy you read face and not lace lol, because it came out so nice.


I love the circles on the face one best! The black with the white dots is fantastic. I also love the colorway of that one so much. Both are great. But the bottom one catches my eye!

The black circles are from a lid dipped in black paint and stamped on. The white dots are gel pen.

I found some white lace with blue edging. I wish I had put it on the right side instead of the bottom but I think it’ll mess up if I try to remove it.


It works! Great save.

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Definitely works!

I love both of them, lace or no lace! (If you had left the lace off, you could just have claimed that the model’s name was Lacey.)


I love your collage papers. These tags are so pretty, and very you.

I love that first one & lol face/lace :smile:. Turned out great anyhow.

Very nice looking