2 small pouches

2 small pouches I made for the Common Grounds swap.
I like making pouches but for some reason sewing takes me like 4 times longer than anyone else. It’s like my machine intimidates me lol.


Lovely pouches! I especially like the double zipper one, but the red fabric on the second one is so pretty! I am a big fan of zipper pouches in any form :slight_smile: And, even though you think sewing isn’t a strength, you tackled zippers, which many people find intimidating, so you’re better than you think (even if it takes you longer than you expect)!


I love them both! Pouches are so useful for keeping everything organized, especially when you’re as naturally disorganized as I am. The Route 66 fabric is so fun and the batik sunflowers are gorgeous.

They turned out great! Fear of installing zippers is a real thing (I have friends who refuse to work with zippers :woman_shrugging:)…you did good!

I don’t usually have issues with sewing in zippers. The issue comes when I cut off the end of the zipper then pull the zip right off the teeth. I have done that many times - you’d think I’d learn.

Do you trim the zippers to the right length before you sew or do you trim them after?

Here’s a great way to put the zipper pull back on. I’ve used it to swap out zipper pulls when I’m making zipper pouches and bags- I will swap the pulls on two coordinating zippers just to make it interesting:


Oooh, love the red batik fabric. Lovely work.

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I’ve done it both ways