2 Sparkling Pink Dish Scrubbies

Shine, shimmer, and make your kitchen sparkle with these pink scrubbies.

I used these 2 yarns

for this project.


That is interesting yarn for scrubbies, what is it? I think I’ve only ever seen them done with cotton before but of course store bought scrubbies are not cotton so I imagine a scratchy synthetic yarn would work just fine for scrubbing.


@Magpie, it’s a combination of 100% pink cotton yarn and 100% polyester scrubbie yarn which I found at a local craft store. This is a picture of the polyester yarn for this project. It comes in a variety of different colors if you are interested in making something a bit different.


I hope this is helpful.

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hey! You are the Dana I met yesterday at craft group, right? Welcome!!!


@geekgirl Yes!!! You must recognize my work because I made other scrubbies yesterday, as well. They will be posted later. GeekGirl, I heard about this site yesterday and decided to give it a go. I’m going to check out your posts!


Neat trick, combining two yarns - they look sparkly in the picture!

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I’ve never heard of scrubby yarn! It looks great! Awesome work.

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@wittychild No flash on camera. The scrubbies do, in fact, :sparkle: sparkle.:sparkle: And @kaz814, I’m glad you like my work.

I have never heard of scrubbie yarn, but how awesome is that!

In a swap a long time ago I received a scrubbie out of plarn and I love to use it.
Thanks for sharing!

And welcome to this awesome community :orange_heart:

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