2 Sparkling White Dish Scrubbies

These are for functional or decorative use in your kitchen.

I used these 2 yarns for these scrubbies:


Oooh these look cool, too! Let us know how the yarn works!

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@kaz814 I don’t know what you are asking…how the yarn works. Can you explain what you are asking me?

I think how it works for cleaning the dishes, yes?

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These are lightweight scrubbies that tackle medium to tough stuck on food. Similar to the ones you would buy from the major brands. The yarn is the same as the ones I used for the pink scrubbies–100% white cotton and 100% white polyester cotton. They can be thrown in the dishwasher or the washer machine (prn) to clean and I rinse mine out daily with warm water after each use for maxmium life. I use a dab of a well known detergent that helps protect our wildlife (you know the brand) and it will typically remove stuck on food with a small amount of effort. Is that the answer you were looking for @kaz814? Please let me know if you need other information or if this is not what you were asking me.

Prn is an abbreviation I use commonly for “as needed” since I work in the medical field, in case you were wondering.


Yes - Thank you! I’ll have to keep an eye out for that yarn!

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