2020 DeStash-Along

We have one in the Triangle area of NC called the Durham Scrap Exchange. It’s huge and awesome. Richmond and Newport News VA also has their versions although on the smaller side.

You can find all kinds of things at mine. There’s the normal crafty stuff - fabric scraps, stamps, stencils, beads, etc. I like checking out their stationary section. I get tons of plain envelopes for greeting cards for super cheap. I have made my own envelopes but I can get a huge bundle of like 100 envelopes for 50 cents. They have a giant bin of random screws and nails and you can fill up a small bag for $5. a small bag will hold a LOT of nails and screws. I went and picked out all the rusty ones to use in assemblage art.
They sell surplus medical/chemistry supplies like test tubes and beakers.
I’ve gotten a giant bag of doll parts for $2.
They sell random scraps of wood. game pieces, stickers, etc.
I sew but don’t sew a ton so I don’t actually have a huge fabric stash. I go there and buy assorted scraps for a few dollars to add to my stash.


These are a wonderful idea!!


The one I went to in Lebanon, PA had tons of books for really cheap. Most of the time, I buy books and end up using one pattern! I could buy a book for 50 cents or a dollar, make what I wanted, and then give it back for someone else.

They also had took and sold a lot of odd “non-crafty” things like twine, bundles of balsa wood, etc. The saddest thing going there was the mountains and mountains of crocheted hats, scarves and afghans…pretty much they were free…

They also gave serious discounts to kids and the elderly because they wanted to encourage crafting. The place was a mess to some people, but it was a craftsters paradise if you were willing to browse at your leisure.


They have some books but they also have a sister thrift store in the same shopping center that sells clothes and other thrift store stuff.
I once got a giant bag of fleece scraps for $2 and used what I needed for a project then gave the rest to a cat rescue that makes catnips toys to sell.

My place has gotten better with their organization over time but I always feel like I need a shower after visiting.


I am exceedingly jealous of these crafty thrift store adventures.


I dunno, they sound like dangerous, dangerous places (for my wallet at least)

I finally managed to get a picture of one of my first projects of the year - a new pencil pouch using felt and a zipper and some vintage fabric from the stash I inherited from my great-aunt. I even had a charm in stash for a zipper pull!

This pouch replaced one I made with the same pattern about 6 years and have used until the zipper started to die. It’s a super simple pattern but really effective and sturdy.


What a fast way to get a usable pouch! The felt doesn’t ravel and makes for a sturdy backing for the quilting…I am constantly digging through my purse for a pen so this would be perfect.

I love the vintage fabric you used…it also has meaning for you!

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These things are super sturdy and can really take a beating being tossed in purses! My only recommendation is not using white felt for the interior - I did that for the one that died, and while it functioned fine it started to show ink spots after a while.


Great easy and sturdy pattern! I’m going to try it - thanks for sharing!

I can also pile on to the creative reuse centers being both amazing and dangerous. I was actually looking into volunteering at the closest one to me, but honestly the idea of being in there at least once a week and having a discount could severely impact the state of my stash. On the other hand, maybe it could help me see that there’s a basically never-ending supply of craft supplies in the world, so maybe I don’t need to own all of them? :wink:


I made two 6-7 yard lengths of fabric twine using xmas print stash! I will use these for gift wrapping and probably for handles on handmade gift bags next year. Woo!


How do you make fabric rope? I have a lot of fabric, and a lot of scrap pieces.

I saw the nutcracker Krampus and giggled. I ordered a felted one from Nodsu for Xmas for DH! It’s really awesome.


I used this tutorial. I found a few on Pinterest, this one worked for me.


That’s a really good idea! I had a habit of buying Christmas print fabric for quite a few years (of course so much more than I needed for the projects I had in mind), so I have a lot that I don’t really like for anything now.


Your fabric rope turned out really great!


I get tired of fabric quickly…I also have loads of Christmas print fabrics that I just don’t want to sew…I did see some fabric twine wrapped Christmas ornaments…the would make great gifts for everyone tied around a bottle of wine!


Thanks, y’all!

Today instead of just lurking, I used stash to make a few boxy pouches.

The one on the left is lined with a waterproof fabric. My friend wanted one like this for her wash bag but wanted it to be waterproof!!


Productive time spent! All useful items…love those big decorative zippers!


Those zippers have been the bane of my life!! I bought a lucky dip bag some years ago and there were so many huge zips that I couldn’t use for clothing. They work well in these projects though!!