2020 DeStash-Along

2020 DeStash-Along

Sewing by crmgucd, on Flickr

Here we are again! Sorting through our collection of buttons, yarn, fabric, beads, googly eyes, and pipecleaners, imagining what we could make with all our supplies-on-hands. While some may joke that collecting craft supplies and actually using them are two separate hobbies, not this year! It’s a new decade and time to start letting these items fulfill their purpose - it is time to craft!

Join us for a year-long celebration of stash! The DeStash-Along is not about making you feel bad for your bins and boxes of supplies, but for sharing the joys of being able to make a project without a trip to the store, to finally use that yardage that captivated you in the shop, and to finally finish knitting the baby afghan for the younger sibling of its original recipient.

There will be monthly themes and challenges to help stir up your creative juices if you find yourself struggling for inspiration, but don’t feel yourself bound by them if you are gung-ho for a completely different sort of project. Just share what you make, admire the crafts of others, and generally have a good time.

The Annual DeStash-Along started on Craftster in 2009. If you’re curious how past years went, here’s a link to 2019’s DeStash-Along thread.


Color: White
Pattern: Polka-Dots
For: You
Challenge: Take stock of your stash. Figure out what you have and set some goals for what you want to accomplish with those supplies in the coming year. If you’re feeling brave, take a picture of your stash in its natural state. We’ll worry about organization later.

Color: Red
Pattern: Hearts
For: Someone Special
Challenge: Weed your stash. As you were looking it over last month you probably ran across a few items that you know in your heart of hearts you aren’t going to use. Maybe your tastes have changed since you acquired them, maybe your great-aunt Mabel insisted you take them and you couldn’t say no, or maybe you can’t even remember where they came from. It’s okay to let them go! Take those things to the goodwill or keep an eye out for a local group that could give new life to your crafty cast-offs.

Color: Green
Pattern: Stripes
For: Your Craft Space
Challenge: Now that you’ve weeded through your stash you might find it useful to do some organization - put all your yarn in bins, sort your beads, and consolidate all those half empty containers of googly eyes. If you come up with a particularly clever way to organize your stash or have found something on the web that could be useful or inspiring, please share!

Color: Yellow
Pattern: Nature
For: Charity
Challenge: If there are any items in your stash that are too neat to give away but you have no earthly idea what you should make with them, ask your fellow DeStashers for advice.

Color: Pink
Pattern: Letters & Numbers
For: Your yard, garden, window box, etc.
Challenge: Finish the oldest WIP you can find in your stash.

Color: Orange
Pattern: Swirls
For: Teachers/Educators
Challenge: Make something “green” using things found in nature or from recycled materials.

Color: Blue
Pattern: Abstract
For: A Group
Challenge: What’s the supply in your stash you’ve had the longest? Try to make something with it this month. As always, ask for suggestions if you’re stumped.

Color: Purple
Pattern: Argyle
For: Pets and other animals
Challenge: Nice pinterest board you have there! Make something inspired by a pin. Share the pin too so we can “ooh and ah” properly.

Color: Burgundy
Pattern: Plaid
For: Kids
Challenge: What’s your stash weakness - that particular crafty material that you can’t stop buying? Make something with it!

Color: Black
Pattern: Lace
For: Charity
Challenge: 10 is such a nice round number. Make something inspired by ten - using 10 things, something that uses 10 pieces of your stash, whatever works for you.

Color: Brown
Pattern: Folk Art
For: Someone who needs to be cheered up
Challenge: The holiday crafting season is upon us! See what goodies you can bring forth from your stash.

Color: Silver
Pattern: Snowflakes
For: Your Home
Challenge: Take a deep breath, step back, and marvel at all the wonderful things you’ve made from your stash this year. How did you do on your goals from January? How has you stash changed and evolved? What was your favorite part of the DeStash-Along this year, and how can it be improved for next year?


This is my year to destash. I know I make that resolution every year but this time I really mean it! lol


me too! But that first challenge looks like a great idea!
Do we share the results here too? Because that would probably take us a couple of pages :smiley:

I have a ridiculous fabric stash and I haven’t even sewn in … crap, over 5 and a half years. :expressionless: I should do something. Perhaps something smaller than getting the machine out of the garage, though …



My 2020 crafting goals are:

  • use craft supplies from my stash (remaining supplies should fit in their closet)
  • finish some WIPs
  • try sewing clothing for myself
  • make amigurumi
  • start christmas gifts earlier, lol

Some of the things I’d like to make from my stash:

  • Sophie’s Universe
  • fleece backed t-shirt quilts for the animal shelter
  • long knit stocking hat
  • clothing for myself: apron, maybe pajama shorts or a skirt
  • rainbow/black scarf
  • walker & wheelchair bags, lapghans, slippers for LTC
  • tunisian crochet shawls
  • Shorn the Sheep
  • hats & scarves for local shelter
  • blanket squares for local yarnworkers group

I’ll have to get pictures of my stash later. :slight_smile:


Most of my fabric stash

This year I’ve two quilts that I’m planning on the near future. And I’m also planning on making some clothing for me.


I’m very interested in destashing this year, but not really brave enough to take a picture of the stash- it’s spread out quite a bit. One of my goals is to finish all my ufo’s, mostly knitting projects. I have vowed to shop as little as possible this year. I also bought fabric last year in order to make my own shirts, so hopefully I’ll get to that too!

If anyone would like to see how previous years’s DeStash-Alongs went, I’ve added a link to the 2019 craftster thread in the opening post. You can find links going back to the first DeStash-Along going back to 2009 there.

Who knows how things will evolve on the new platform!

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This is most of my stash including WIPs:

(I gathered everything for the picture - things were scattered all over the house, especially the WIPs)

I’d like to destash enough that everything fits in the closet at the end of the year. :slight_smile:


I hadn’t intended making a third block today, but the polka dot prompt got me.


I love this! Your mosaic blocks look so good!

do glad to see you @Trillian!!! and this craftalong…hopefully, between this and the 50 projects, we will keep this site hopping…I am going to snap a few pics of my new craft room…because of my personal move, I was forced to organize and weed out things I knew I would never use.

Fortunately, there was a fabulous reuse crafting store near me that took all of the books, yarn, styrofoam trees, etc. that I had for years!

I am resolving to buy only stuff I need for an immediate project or to help me use up what I have…google is my friend because I have been typing in things like: what can I sew with 1/4 yd.



One of my goals this year is to de-stash, but I may end up needing to donate a portion my stash, verse trying to use up a bunch. My husband and I are trying to re arrange our place and I have been working to get rid of things. I can’t even take a picture of my stash, it is spread out in different places all over our house! I have so much fabric that I love, it will be so hard to let go of it.

My biggest problem is I love the planning/desiging part of crafting just as much or maybe slightly more than the actual crafting, that I end up buying stuff for projects I never have time to make! I am hopping to get better about this in the new year.


Oh yes, this is an Along I definitely need to stick to! I’ve been buying fabric to sew clothes for myself, and for my daughters (and even for a friend) for a few years now and I’ve made — not much. I have practically everything I need to create my own wardrobe, including patterns and a serger I bought back in April and which still sits in the box it came in. Also everything else has to fit inside the craft room, so I have to tackle a few larger UFOs pretty urgently to free up space.
I’ll try to take a few pictures tomorrow morning.


I am on a Craft-Supply No-Buy for the first six months of 2020 to try to get my stash down to a more manageable size, so please share what you find out from Google about 1/4 yard sewing projects! I’m letting myself buy things like interfacing or fasteners in order to complete specific projects, but the lion’s share has to come from stash.

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Edel, I’m really loving what you’re doing with these fabrics. They look like stained glass and are just so satisfying to look at. :heart_eyes:

Edit to avoid serial posting:

I am definitely in for this stash along again. I also have had a Craft Supply Embargo going for myself for about a year now (not that you can tell by the stash proportions! I also sort of had a Little to No Crafting period…) SO I can buy things that facilitate using up other things already on board. Like today, I justified using a Michael’s gift certificate to buy Pinking shears because I have wanted to use the extensive fabric stash to make some reusable party decorations and a bunting for my 15 month old’s bedroom she is hopefully moving into this month.

Other than that I’ve been working on reducing the yarn stash by making cotton dishcloths. I also had a random ball of Red Heart Scrubby that I am working through. I don’t love that one so hopefully I finish it off by this weekend. It’s like a plasticy eye-lash yarn- bring on the moisturizers!

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I think I need this… I’m off to some kind of start with our move, Nothing like packing up everything to become ready to let it go. There are 3 moving boxes to unpack in my craft room, and probably a couple more hiding anong the other boxes.

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I’m in! Hopefully with the easier photo posting here, I won’t be quite as lazy about showing things off. My stash goal is to get rid of one of those 12-cube shelves, in order to make room for a comfy chair and a little side table. I really love the idea of being able to take a cup of tea and retreating into the room to do handwork. I have a small closet, a large set of metal shelves and a full size bookcase, so I’m definitely not hurting for storage (and if I’m really being honest with myself, I could probably get most of it moved over just by making it more organized) A stretch goal would be to get the two rubbermaid containers of yarn under our guest bed moved down to the craft room as well.

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I’m going to lurk here and try my hardest to destash. Maybe if I see enough of you doing it I’ll be able to do some…there’s just too many awesome deals out there. LOL.